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Wifi? Why Not!

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Published to Wifi on Nov 13, 2013


With my general geeky addiction to all things wireless gadgetry – It makes sense that my first blog post for ERA Communications’ shmick new website would be related to what I’m (very happily) here to do!

We are in the early years of a wireless revolution. Over the last decade, speeds over wireless technologies have doubled every couple of years – a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Ten years ago WiFi was an emerging technology of questionable reliability in people’s homes – providing just enough speed to cover general browsing duties, often at an inflated price.

Today, a world without WiFi would be hard to imagine. The next time you’re in a public area, take note of how many people are pulling down large amounts of data on their smartphones. Transport schedules, movie session times (and even HD trailers) are instantly accessible thanks to wireless infrastructure. ERA Communications have even deployed large scale WiFi hotspots – Town of Claremont for example – providing the public with free wireless internet access!

We are able to achieve Fibre speeds over wireless with the emergence of the latest AC protocol – the latest part of the WiFi alliance 802.11 standard. 802.11a/b/g/n/ac – each letter representing a step forward in the way data is transmitted wirelessly over the years – with speeds and distances improving each time.

A great thing about this technology is that as the speed and reliability of these devices get better and better, the prices get lower and lower! Anyone with a home or office internet connection will likely have built-in WiFi, and it’s getting more common for entire office floors to have WiFi coverage. With smart management devices, users can roam anywhere in the complex seamlessly hopping between access points without any dropouts or connection disruptions. The access points intelligently communicate with eachother, handing off users between themselves in real-time.

It is an exciting time to be in the WiFi game. ERA Communications is taking a lead in the field with products from leading vendors such as Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Ubiquiti – allowing us to tailor a custom solution regardless of your deployment size or budget.

As mobility becomes more and more critical in the home and at the office, as well as innovations in the Smartphone space – we will continue to see wireless technologies move forward in leaps and bounds. ERA Communications will remain at the bleeding edge of these technologies – because it’s not only our business, it’s also our passion.

Morgan Harrison

Sales – ERA Communications

For more information on WiFi technologies, services and our many other products – drop us a line at or call (08) 9376 0888.

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